About Kick Start Karate

Kick Start Karate is dedicated to empowering children at an early age and creating a solid foundation of integrity, confidence, and understanding.

Kick Start Karate was developed in conjunction with Black Belt level instructors of 6 various disciplines, a Professor of early childhood development, and various resources specializing on the development of children physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Our weekly in-school classes provide the valuable enrichment schools, families, and children desire all while allowing parents that extra freedom of not having to navigate extra activities.

Values and Skills

Bring out the best 

Each week children learn a new foundational value based "Black Belt Word in addition to skill based activities and practices. We incorporate this new term into the martial arts skills we practice which improves a child's ability to learn and retain at a higher rate.

Authentically Positive

We love what we do

Drop by any KSK class and you will see we love what and how we teach. Through decades of experience in this field, it is known that children learn better when they're having fun. Our dynamic, vibrant, and playful teaching style exemplifies the confidence, discipline, and respect we instill.


Everyone is welcome

Kick Start Karate has mastered the art of "approachable challenge."
From the most exuberant and outgoing of children to those who are more reserved and shy, KSK's teachers relate to each child in a manner which best suits them individually while directing them towards their full potential.

What does this mean for your child? Everyone is made to feel welcome exactly as they are. We build on the positive and empower each step of the way while maintaining a class standard of respect.

Session length and Belt Promotion

You're invited

Each session consists of 8 weeks.
Every season (2 sessions or 16 weeks) concludes with your child's belt testing/ promotion. 
Our KSK students will demonstrate their new and improved skills (between the fun and silly laughs), break real wood boards in accordance with their belt rank, and earn their promotion to their next belt color/rank. You get to keep the belts and boards as your child moves through the ranks and establishes greater skills
*KSK provides the uniforms for testing

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